Eses of the Fafa Clan

Networker, Elusive Roamer and Prophet of Chaos!


Eses is the leader and matriarch of the somewhat unheard of Fafa Clan, a Keeper-based clan that split from the Moshantu Tribe to accept various races into its family.
Its primary faith is an offshoot of the followings of Nymeia called the Nymeian Sect of Chaos, which believes the Weave is being done based entirely on the now as opposed to pre-planned. Matriarchs are marked with a pair of goggles that can be summoned at will, which symbolise being the head of the caravan no matter the weather.

Eses herself attained the rank of Matriarch at a young age, after her mother passed the rank from afar, while she was away in distant lands. It was a risky move to get her to come home while training to be a Dragoon, and after a few years, it very much pulled off.

She attained many careers over the years, between aiding a rebellion against Garlemald, to fighting in the Dragonsong War and Ala Mhigan Liberation, to underground work, to bartending, to instructing in dance and eventually settled in as a networker.

Despite being in her late-20s, her experiences far surpass her age. Her disposition is plucky and upbeat - comical even, yet within that persona lies a warrior with tremendous veterancy.


Eses currently works as a networker, finding as many people as she can and observing their capabilities to find them work or aid by connecting the dots.

She also acts as an advisor/teacher in the following:

  • Weapons training in spears, hand axes, CQC and monofilament wires

  • Mixology

  • Hunting

  • Romance?!


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